Bhai Ghanya Ji Welfare Society, Pakhowal

The Welfare Society was founded in 1999 under the name Shahid Bhagat Singh Welfare Society. Its objectives included the ongoing cleanup of the village; drug prevention; increased medical facilities and improved healthcare; improved academics in educational institutions; promotion of sports; fighting superstitious beliefs; increasing general knowledge of the village community; strengthening community ties by encouraging cooperation; and fighting corruption. 

In 2004, on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday, the society was renamed to Bhai Ghanya Ji Welfare Society. The society is currently responsible for creating and overseeing the operations of the following projects within Pakhowal

• The Shahid Bhagat Singh Memorial Clinical Laboratory is a not-for-profit clinical centre that provides general medical testing for the community. Future planning for the clinic includes more technology and medical equipment to accommodate for more testing.

• The Homeopathic Office provides homeopathy services from Dr. Sachin Kumar, B.H.M.S. Future planning includes the installation of computers to improve the quality of service. 

• Every 15 days, Dr. Nikhil Bansal, comes to the village to conduct eye examinations. The expenses for this project are paid by Mr. Swarn Singh Matharu in memory of his grandfather, Mr. Santa Singh Matharu

• The Stitching and Embroidery Centre offers free tailoring services to the local girls by providing free sewing machines and threads. This centre has been successful due to the motivation and high-interest of the village girls. 

• The continuous efforts to preserve the environment by cleaning up the village and increasing plantation are evident at the Girls’ School playground and village cremation ground. The landscape of both sites has changed with the planting of trees and flowers. The water pump, which is required to maintain these sites, was financed by Mr. Bahadar Singh Grewal and family, Dr. Kuldip Singh Dhaliwal A.D.O. and Subedar Joginder Singh assisted with this project. 

• The Allopathic Medical Check-up Center provides free medicine and treatment to the community. These medical services are funded by Mr. Harnam Singh Dhaliwal and Ms. Surjit Kaur w/o Mr. Gurcharan Singh (USA). 

• The Master Karnail Singh Grewal Memorial Public Library was created to educate younger generations and increase knowledge among the general village population. The library was built in memory of Master Karnail Singh Grewal by his sons, Mr. Pavittar Singh Grewal and Mr. Bhagwan Singh Grewal (Canada). The library currently provides books on agriculture, health, religion, and poetry as well as books for children, daily newspapers, and magazines.  The library is affiliated with Punjabi Sahit Sabha New Delhi, which supports the library in providing better services to its community. The library has been well received by Pakhowal and the surrounding villages. More seminars to increase awareness on a wide range of topics will be arranged in the future. 

Eye Care Centre

Dr. Nikhil Bansal, Ophthalmologist/Eye Surgeon, visits every other Friday.




Dental Clinic

Dr. Nikhil Sharma, Dentist, visits daily, Monday to Friday.




Homeopathic Clinic

Dr. Sachin Kumar, B.H.M.S





Salai Kadai (Stitching & Embroidery) 

Instructor Kulwant Kaur




Public Library

Pritam Singh, Librarian