"Salai Kadai" Prize Distribution - January 30, 2011.

Bhai Ghanya Ji Welfare Society organized an event to honour the students who successfully completed and excelled in the six-month stitching course. The top three students were honoured. The event was held inside the Master Karnail Singh Grewal Memorial Library.

Dr. Kuldip Kular, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, Ontario, Canada, and Dr. Gurbhajan Singh Gill, renowned Punjabi Poet and Punjabi Sahit Academy Chief, were the chief guests.

Dr. Kuldip Kular at Principal Pavittar Singh Grewal's residence.

Principal Parminder Singh Toor, Mr. Balwinder Singh Brar, and Dr. Kuldip Kular.




Mr. Naginder Singh, Dr. Gurbhajan Gill, Dr. Kuldip Kular, Prof. Major Singh, Master Shanti Sarup, Mr. Inderjit Singh Dhaliwal, and Mr. Harish Modgill.

Dr. Kuldip Kular and Dr. Gurbhajan Gill, and other dignitaries.


Dr. Kuldip Kular, Mr. Sham Lal Sohar, and Dr. Gurbhajan Gill honouring the top students.



Dr. Kuldip Kular, Dr. Sunit Hind, Mr. Sham Lal Sohar, Dr. Gurbhajan Gill, Mr. Gopal Lekhi, and Mr. Ravinder Bhathal.




Dr. Kuldip Kular addressing the audience.

Dr. Gurbhajan Gill.

Mr. Ravinder Bhathal.

Dr. Hardeep Singh.

Mr. Harish Modgill addressing the audience.






























Mr. Sukhvir Singh, Laboratory Technician


Principal Pavittar Singh Grewal, Dr. Kuldip Kular, Mr. Harish Modgill, Dr. Hardeep Singh, and other dignitaries.